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Established in 2004, Muslim Relief is a non-profit organisation based and registered in the United Kingdom.


Our mission is to save lives by providing humanitarian assistance to those affected by extreme poverty, crisis, conflict & natural disasters in different parts of the world.

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Latest Appeals

Yemen Emergency

Yemen is currently facing a major humanitarian crisis, countless men, women & children need your urgent support to ensure their survival.

Afghanistan Appeal

Millions of Afghans are in crisis. Although the war has come to an end, the struggle for survival continues.

Syria Refugee Emergency

Since 2011 Syria’s civil war has claimed & destroyed the lives of millions. As a result the world’s largest refugee crisis has emerged.

Pakistan Appeal

Pakistan is a nation in which millions of people are suffering from constant crisis, instability & extreme poverty.
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Muslim Relief Causes


Give hope & provide water to those in urgent need.

Medical Fund

Provide life saving Medical aid to those in need.

Orphan Fund

Provide orphans with the support they need to prosper.

Winter Fund

Ensure the survival of those who have no protection against the cold.

Give Your Zakat

Your Zakat donation has the power to help sustain countless lives.


Use our simple Zakat calculator tool to help you work out your religious dues.

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