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Established in 2004, Muslim Relief is a non-profit organisation based and registered in the United Kingdom.


Our mission is to save lives by providing humanitarian assistance to those affected by extreme poverty, crisis, conflict & natural disasters in different parts of the world.

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Latest Appeals

Palestine Emergency

The endless struggle in Palestine has resulted in the loss of countless lives, families have been torn apart, livelihoods have been destroyed, whole communities have been uprooted & now remain displaced.

Pakistan Appeal

Pakistan has the world's fifth-largest population and is a nation in which millions of people are suffering from constant crisis, instability & extreme poverty.

Kashmir Emergency

The ongoing conflict has wreaked havoc on the area, killing thousands of people, destroying families and livelihoods, as well as driving the region deeper into crisis.

Yemen Emergency

Over the last 6 years a devastating conflict has caused a major humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Tens of thousands of lives have been lost and countless more destroyed. At present 80 percent of the country's entire population requires humanitarian assistance.

Bangladesh & Rohingya Refugee

Extreme poverty, crisis, displacement & flash floods. These are a few factors which have left millions of Bangladeshi people & countless Rohingya refugees in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

Syrian Refugees Appeal

Since 2011 Syria's civil war has claimed and destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Families have lost everything and have been forced to flee from their homes.
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Muslim Relief Causes

Improving Livelihoods

For those suffering from extreme poverty, crisis, war and famine gaining the opportunity to generate an income may seem like an impossibility.


Water is a fundamental human right, yet 785 million people across the globe lack the access to a basic water source. in some parts of the world families and children are forced to walk miles each day in the search of water.

Winter Fund

For the 736 million people living in extreme poverty across the globe, the cold winter months can pose a serious threat to their lives.

Medical Fund

The most critical element of our lives is good health. It is the platform upon which our lives are built and formed.

Emergency Food Fund

Hunger is a global crisis which is affecting over 800 million people across the globe. The catastrophic effects of food insecurity mean families can go hungry for days often without knowing where their next meal will come from.


A lack of education is particularly devastating for the future of children. Without it they are unable to thrive or gain the skills necessary to grow in to something or reach their true potential.

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