Global Emergency

Through our Global Emergency fund, you can give protection to vulnerable families, orphans, widows & children. Your support will also ensure that our team is well prepared for a swift response in an arising crisis.

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Yemen Emergency

Yemen is currently facing a major humanitarian crisis, countless men, women & children need your urgent support to ensure their survival.

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Afghanistan Appeal

Millions of Afghans are in crisis. Although the war has come to an end, the struggle for survival continues.

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Palestine Emergency

Join hands with Palestinians in Gaza to show your support.

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Syria Refugee Emergency

Since 2011 Syria’s civil war has claimed & destroyed the lives of millions. As a result the world’s largest refugee crisis has emerged.

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Pakistan Appeal

Pakistan is a nation in which millions of people are suffering from constant crisis, instability & extreme poverty.

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The Mosque Project

Help build the house of Allah swt & provide a Masjid to a community in need.

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Kashmir Emergency

The ongoing conflict has wreaked havoc on the area, killing thousands of people, destroying families and livelihoods, as well as driving the region deeper into crisis.

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East Africa Appeal

East Africa as a region is currently facing one of the worse droughts in generations as a result of intense climate extremes. The lack of rainfall & intense heat means water is becoming scarce.

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India Appeal

India is a country in which Over 97 million people are suffering from extreme poverty, crisis & instability, accompanied by the adverse effects of natural hazards, drought & flash floods. They are in dire need of your urgent support.

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Bangladesh & Rohingya Refugee Appeal

Extreme poverty, crisis, displacement & flash floods. These are a few factors which have left millions of Bangladeshi people & countless Rohingya refugees in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

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