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East Africa Appeal

Millions of Africans are in crisis facing shattered livelihoods, extreme draught & major food insecurity. You can help provide them with life saving aid.

Water Crisis

East Africa as a region is currently facing one of the worse droughts in generations as a result of intense climate extremes. The lack of rainfall & intense heat means water is becoming scarce. Millions of people are now facing major uncertainty & are in crisis due to crop failures, loss of livestock & affected livelihoods.


With little to no means in order to make ends meet they need urgent aid to ensure their survival.

Food Insecurity

Aside from extreme drought, the region is also facing widespread food shortages. As it stands hunger threatens the lives of up to 28 million people in East Africa. The price of available food & water is soaring causing intense insecurity. Many families looking for hope & a way out of the crisis often have no option but to leave their homes & migrate. They now remain displaced in their search for relief.

As the food crisis escalates, millions of children in East Africa face starvation.

The most vulnerable in society often bear the brunt in any crisis. Women, children & the poorest are among those most affected by the draught, displacement & famine in East Africa.

Lack Of Resources

Furthermore gaining access to the basic necessities required for their survival can be an impossibility. Due to the drought millions of people lack access to proper sanitation & hygiene facilities. They are exposed to illnesses but cannot afford basic healthcare due to poverty.


The hope for a brighter future is also diminished as families are unable bear the expense of providing an education to their children. With limited options they often remain trapped in the endless cycle of poverty throughout their lifetime & for generations to come.

We need your urgent support in order to provide life saving aid to those in dire need.


The covid outbreak has pushed millions in to poverty in East Africa & worsened inequality.


For those who are the most vulnerable in society the pandemic has had had a catastrophic impact on every aspect of their lives.


Already suffering from famine, instability & crisis they have been pushed to new extremes & now face additional threats to their survival. Together we can help aid their recovery & provide them with hope.

How you can help?

We need your support to help provide those struggling in East Africa with life saving aid. Together we can empower those in need & put a stop to their suffering by providing sustenance.


Your donations can help our teams on the ground provide clean water, food packs, nutritious meals, educational resources, medical supplies, support for orphans, improve livelihoods & much more.

No donation is too big or small, we aim to make every donation count.

You can also make a huge Impact by creating a fundraiser via our official JustGiving Page or by liking & sharing our social media posts.

£30 Regular donation each month can help provide countless People in East Africa with Emergency Aid.

£50 Could help provide a family with a Food Pack containing essential supplies to last an entire month.

£100 Could help provide 50 Nutritious Meals.

£150 Could help provide three families In East Africa with Food Packs containing essential supplies to last an entire month.


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