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India Appeal

India is a country in which Over 97 million people are suffering from extreme poverty, crisis & instability, accompanied by the adverse effects of natural hazards, drought & flash floods.

They are in dire need of your urgent support.

With a population of around 1.5 billion people, India is the second most populated country in the world & also a region whereby every 4th person of the total population is suffering from poverty.


Instabilities such as extreme drought, flash floods & natural hazards, are a common occurrence, they cause much devastation & hardship to those already suffering from poverty across the region.

Food Poverty

For those with very little, access to a regular food source is a real struggle & can often be the root cause of starvation. They have no hope & are in desperate need of immediate humanitarian aid.

Water Scarcity

In addition to major food insecurity, 99 million people across India lack access to safe drinking water, the results of which are catastrophic for those who are the most vulnerable in society. They are unable stay healthy, grow crops, feed their livestock, or earn a sustainable living.


As a last resort many are forced to walk miles each day on an empty stomach in search of both food & water.

Lack Of Resources

Furthermore gaining access to the basic necessities required for their survival can be an impossibility. As it stands approximately 229 million people lack access to proper sanitation & are exposed to illnesses which can be treated with basic healthcare but is unaffordable due to poverty.


The hope for a brighter future is also diminished as families are unable bear the expense of providing an education to their children. With limited options they often remain trapped in endless of cycle of poverty throughout their lifetime & for generations to come.

Infant Poverty

Children are amongst those bearing the brunt of the extreme poverty & crisis. India accounts for 30% of all children living in extreme global poverty, as a result a staggering 1.4 million children under the age of five die every year from preventable diseases & malnutrition.


The coronavirus pandemic has affected millions across the globe on a mass scale. India experienced one of the largest covid-19 outbreaks globally, the impact of which pushed 75 million more people into poverty.


For those already suffering, the outbreak has posed additional threats to their survival & imposed a catastrophic impact on every aspect of their lives. With no hope in sight many have been pushed to new extremes & in the struggle many more have lost their lives.


Together with your support we can put a stop to the suffering by providing hope & sustenance to those in dire need of assistance in India.

Jammu & Kashmir

Decades of conflict & violence in the contested Jammu & Kashmir region has taken countless lives & further contributed to pushing the region deeper in to poverty & instability. Countless families, orphans & widows are in urgent need of immediate support in this region.

How you can help?

We need your support to help provide those struggling in India with life saving aid.


Your donations can help our teams on the ground provide clean water, food packs, nutritious meals, educational resources, medical supplies, support for orphans, improve livelihoods & much more.

No donation is too big or small, we aim to make every donation count.

You can also make a huge Impact by creating a fundraiser via our official JustGiving Page or by liking and sharing our social media posts.

£30 Regular donation each month can help provide countless people in India with Emergency Aid.

£50 Can help provide a family with a Food Pack containing essential supplies to last an entire month.

£100 Can help provide 50 Nutritious Meals.

£150 Can help provide 3 families in India with Food Packs containing essential supplies to last an entire month.


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