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The endless struggle in Palestine has resulted in the loss of countless lives, families have been torn apart, livelihoods have been destroyed, whole communities have been uprooted & now remain displaced.


Subject to extreme poverty, crisis & conflict, up to 60% off all Palestinians residing In Gaza are suffering from major food insecurity. With little to no means to make ends meet, they are on the verge of starvation & fearful for their survival.


The situation is extremely difficult for children in particular. It is estimated that as many as half of all Palestinian children are in need of humanitarian aid. With limited access to food, water, education & medical assistance, their wellbeing & futures are at severe risk.

Countless other men, women and children continue to suffer daily as they are unable to access any basic necessities.


Gaza is currently also facing a 47 percentage shortage in all medications. As a result gaining access to healthcare is a struggle if not impossible for those who are the most vulnerable in society.

Covid-19 Emergency

For the countless Palestinians already suffering from instability, crisis & conflict, the COVID-19 outbreak has forced them deeper in to the endless cycle of poverty.


With every aspect of their lives affected & little hope for recovery in sight, they have been pushed to new extremes & in the struggle many more have lost their lives.


There now remains an urgent need of humanitarian aid & emergency assistance.


Together with your support we can put a stop to the suffering by providing hope & sustenance to those who need it the most in Palestine.

How You Can Help

We need your support to help provide those struggling in Palestine with life saving aid.


Your donations can help our teams on the ground provide clean water, food packs, nutritious meals, educational resources, medical supplies, support for orphans, improve livelihoods & much more.


No donation is too big or small, we aim to make every donation count.


You can also make a huge Impact by creating a fundraiser via our official JustGiving Page or by liking and sharing our social media posts.

£30.00 Regular donation each month can help provide countless Palestinians with Emergency Aid.

£50.00 Could help provide a family with a Food Pack containing essential supplies to last an entire month.

£150.00 Could help provide three Palestinian families with Food Packs containing essential supplies to last an entire month.

£100.00 Could help provide 50 Nutritious Meals.

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