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Emergency Food Fund

Hunger Is Global

Hunger is a global crisis which is affecting over 800 million people across the globe. The catastrophic effects of food insecurity mean families can go hungry for days often without knowing where their next meal will come from.


Lack of food destroys lives and jeopardises the future of those suffering in many different ways.


Factors such as illnesses and low energy levels brought on by food insecurity can restrict people from working as well as providing a sustainable living for their families. As a result those suffering are pushed deeper in to the cycle poverty, impacting not only them but also future generations.

Your Donation Can Help Save Their Life

Your support can provide life saving food parcels as well as nutritious meals to those suffering from extreme starvation due to poverty, crisis, war and natural hazards.


Our Food Appeal fund is also ZAKAH applicable and aims to provide food to destitute families including orphans and widows across East Africa, the Middle East and Asia.


Your support could help save a life.

£25.00 Regular donation each month can help provide nutritious food to countless people

£50.00 Can provide a Food Parcel to a family to last a entire month.

£100.00 Can provide 50 Nutritious Meals.

£150.00 Can provide 3 families with Food Parcels to last a whole Month.

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