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Winter Fund

More Than 736 Million People Are Vulnerable To Winter Crisis

Millions of people living in impoverished communities are at the convergence of a humanitarian crisis caused by climate change, Covid pandemic and inflation. This winter season might be the most difficult one in recent years as the entire world may face its effects. But vulnerable communities will take the biggest brunt of the freezing winter as they are unprepared.

Winter Is Harsh On The Vulnerable

Every winter, families in vulnerable communities such as refugees, internally displaced persons and those in remote regions are faced with the imminent dangers of bone-chilling temperatures. As winter approaches, the prices of essential commodities such as dry food, warm clothing and shelter supplies rise sharply. The privileged ones often aren’t bothered much, but for a low-income family, it is a point of panic as they struggle dreadfully to protect their children from starvation and cold.

You Are Their Last Hope

Muslim Relief has been working with some of the most impoverished regions such as Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Bangladesh and Kashmir. Many communities in these regions face a severe lack of resources and limited livelihoods to afford winterisation expenses. Without adequate protection, their children either die of winter-related conditions such as pneumonia and hypothermia. Your donation can provide life-saving aid before they succumb to the freezing winter.


With your support, our teams will be able to deliver winter essentials where the need is greatest. This programme aims to ensure safe and warm shelter for displaced families, food baskets for starving ones and winter essentials such as blankets, warm clothes and hygiene supplies.


It is never too early to start preparing for a cold winter. In fact, some parts of the world are experiencing an early winter due to climate change. By supporting our Winter Fund, you could help improve their chances of survival. Your donations are not only a sign of relief for them but also a Sadaqah Jariyah for you. Therefore, we urge you to contribute as much as you can.

Our Work

Add Warmth to Their Winter

£15.00 Can Help Provide A Winter Blanket.

£25.00 Can Help Provide Winter Clothing.

£50.00 Can Help Provide A Family With A Nutritious Food Pack To Last An Entire Month In The Winter.

£80.00 Can Help Provide A Family With A Winter Survival Kit Consisting Of: A Food Pack To Last An Entire Month, Necassary Winter Supplies (e.g. Blankets, Socks, Hats & Clothing) As Well As Fuel For Heating.

£250.00 Can Help Provide Emergency Shelter From The Cold.


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